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Open Source brings many new benefits to companies who rely on software to run their business. Which means nearly every business out there. Benefits such as increased quality of the software application, reduced development costs, faster development cycles, and greatly reduced barriers to commercialize a solution that may be beneficial to others in your industry. The inherently transparent, participatory, and collaborative approach which is foundational to the Open Source Initiative is revolutionizing the wayopen-source-green-3d-logo software is created, improved, and used. 

We've done the vetting of the vendors, and have chosen what we feel are top business applications in their respective spaces. Our App Suite features many Open Source software OEMs you probably already recognize. If not, you soon will. The array of capabilities RidgeGarrett can deliver for your company as part of a well conceived Web Strategy makes us unique in the marketplace, and allows us to keep a truly customer-centric focus.


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