All our commercial Open Source Apps (OS Apps) include very powerful, built-in capabilities "right off the shelf". This is a major benefit of using OS Apps, the capabilities just keep getting better and better with each subsequent update by the OEM! Updates made by OEM vendors to their software applications are incorporated into your own instance by RidgeGarrett.

OEM updates are included in your Services Agreement. It is however unrealistic to assume the rich features built into any application will exactly match your own Business Process needs.

We ensure your software meets the Business Process needs.


Knowing that Business Process continually improves as the result of your Web Strategy, you'll need to make periodic customizations to your Apps to ensure the software enables those identified process improvements.

 The Goal: Continually doing things better, faster, more cost effective.think-process

RidgeGarrett can assist with any type customization, integration or support you may need.  Customized user interfaces for front end users, back end administrators, public facing web pages, intranet & extranet portals...you name it. 

We're your customer-centric Services provider.


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