1.1 CRM-customer-relationship-management

Whether several hundred contacts or several million, you must be able to manage them effectively. 

With SugarCRM from RidgeGarrett your accounts and contact information is easily managed across all departments of your company. With a single click, display customized views of critical accounts information that can include related sales opportunities, marketing correspondences, quotes, contracts, and customer support activities.  

The right information shows a 360° view of your own company...as seen through your customers eyes! 

Now you can quickly have a single, scalable solution deployed in your own Private Cloud to manage every aspect of your customer relationships. Once you're able to see your operations through the eyes of your customers, the areas for process improvement become amazingly obvious.

SugarCRM provides you ability to effectively manage all informaton related to your Customer Relatonship Management process. It's a flexible, scalable solution that will fit your company where it is today, with ability to adapt and grow with the changes you'll make as a result of having better information.


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