Business Process Improvement via Technology Strategy Enablement


Virtualized File Server, new Website CMS & Business Process

Innovation yield significant Productivity Returns 

CalaisCustomHomes CaseStudypicCustomer Summary:

Calais Custom Homes is a premium quality, custom luxury home building company located in Southlake, TX. The Calais brand carries a strong reputation established by delivering impeccable standards of craftsmanship that exceed customer expectations. Another hallmark the company is delivering an enjoyable Customer Experience through every phase of the project, which includes Conceptual Design, Build, Delivery, and Warranty Support after the sale is closed.

With the uptick in post-recession new home construction, Calais Custom Homes quickly found both their employee and technology assets being stretched to critical levels. The overall need was to devise and begin implementing a new technology-to-business strategy that would help automate and streamline business processes, reduce workloads, increase internet visibility of the Calais brand, and drive incremental new home sales. 

Customer Business Needs Met:

  • Construction Project Managers now have remote PC access to all file server data, with or without an internet connection.
  • File server data can be accessed and updated via any type of web enabled device, downloaded, emailed, or printed wirelessly from any location.
  • Subcontractor invoice submittals and warranty requests are automated within the Web System to reduce employee workloads and improve process flows. Automatic system notifications are provided to both the sender and internal Calais personnel. 
  • Virtualization of file server information provides employees immediate access to the latest version of every document, regardless of their work location.
  • A new Website CMS fully optimized for search engine visibility and fully integrated with social media channels provides Calais sales, marketing, and customer service personnel a simple way to distribute information quickly, and easily. The new website provides a scalable platform for continued process improvements across 5 key channels of Calais business: Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, and the Public.
  • Comprehensive data synchronization, backup/recovery and disaster recovery for all company information provides "near zero" downtime in the event of a hardware failure or lost device.

Benefits of using this Solution:

  • Project Manager productivity increases with on-demand availability of data from any location.
  • Eliminates the need for remote employees to email document updates to other Calais personnel. Document changes made at remote locations automatically sync and are immediately available to all other employee devices..
  • Request a Call 100x266Streamlined invoice and warranty processes reduce workload, and ensures efficient communication between internal personnel, and customers. 
  • Social integration of all website pages provides ability to share web content easily with just a few clicks.
  • Web CMS platform is expandable to drive other business processes related to employee hiring & onboarding, promotions, partner and supplier management, homeowner information dissemination, and more.
  • Ability to proactively target and communicate Calais website content with people moving into the DFW area interested to build a new custom home. Able to target specific US geographic markets based on socioeconomic and demographic factors common to people who build custom luxury homes. 


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