Heavy Equipment Leasing-Online Quote Request System

Online Equipment Lease Quote Request System

AOE-CaseStudy landingpage450x534Customer Summary:

Alpha & Omega Equipment and Supply Group is a premium lease-supplier of equipment needed for construction projects - highway/road, industrial, commercial and residential construction. Using a state-of-the-art online Web Commerce System in conjunction with an integrated network of partner companies coast-to-coast, Alpha & Omega is able to respond quickly and efficiently to deliver the right equipment to help keep construction projects on schedule, and on budget.

Customer Business Needs Met:

  • Needed an online catalog of available equipment, categorized by equipment type, each with pictures, descriptions, and equipment specs.
  • Must collect relevant information from the requestor during the quote request process in order to return a lease quote quickly.
  • Online quote requests must be automatically routed internally to AO personnel responsible to provide the lease quotes.
  • Requests submitted into the system must automatically alert AO personnel on all devices - PC, tablet and/or mobile PDA.
  • Online equipment catalog items need search engine optimization, and must be easily shared via email and social media channels. 

Benefits of using this Solution:

  • Lease requestors can submit a quote request within 1 minute after choosing an equipment item; fast and simple.
  • No requirement to complete a lease application to receive a lease quote.
  • Upon verbal agreement between AO and the requestor regarding lease terms, the requestor can complete a lease application online.
  • Online lease application submittals automatically alert, and are routed to, the appropriate AO personnel on all devices.
  • Lease requestors can easily share equipment info to their peers using the social buttons on the equipment page.
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  • Equipment catalog items will appear in organic internet searches for people searching for lease equipment info.
  • AO internal Sales, Marketing, and Business Development teams can share equipment info with new business prospects. 


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