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The way to power Communications in the New World.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business provides your company many advantages over Microsoft Exchange. In fact, it doesn't matter if your Exchange platform is a "hosted" solution or whether it resides on a server in back of the IT room. Bottom line is, Google Apps for Business is the way to power your office in the new world of internet technology and communications. Microsoft to_Google_morph 

Why? Because technology advancements create pressure. Performance pressure to continually do business better, faster, and more cost effective than ever. Competitive pressure created by others in your industry who've embraced new tools and are executing a strategy to expand into your markets. Sales and Marketing pressure to reach potential customers in new ways, reach them faster, with better messaging, and information that is of interest to them personally. 


 Our Certified Deployment & Administration Services will help.

certified-google-enterprise-partnerRidgeGarrett can help your company develop, implement, and execute a well planned Web Strategy that includes the use of Google Apps. We've recommended the Google Apps for Business product suite to our customers long before we became a Certified Partner! That's because we use it ourselves, and have used it since it's inception.

We'll take an in depth look at your business, your processes, and the tools you're using right now to conduct your efforts. We'll immediately focus on areas where you feel improvements need made, but we'll also look at the big picture of how it all fits together. A technology-to-business strategy to get you where you're wanting to arrive.

The Google Apps product suite is a fundamental component of what we'll recommend, for sure. And we'll provide the necessary migration, deployment and administration Services you'll need to get up and rolling fast, with no downtime delays. 


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