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Virtualize! Run in your own Private Cloud.

What is virtualization? Essentially, it's the process of moving hardware, or software, or both, to a "centralized location" where the computing "resources" will then reside. Usually, the centralized location is a data center facility located at some remote distance from the physical premesis where the resources were originally installed.

In the case of hardware virtualization, a physical server located on-site at your busness may be retired, then replaced with similar computing resources that reside within the virtualized data center facility. Access to the virtual server is accomplished via secure, encrypted internet connection through a common web browser or by way of a secure, Remote Desktop session.

In the case of software virtualization, the software app is physically installed on the resources located inside the data center vs. residing locally on a hardware appliance. Connection between your personal computer and and the virtualized software app is made via internet connection, same as before.

When migrating your hardware and software to a virtual data center facility, you'll likely be running those items within a set of computing resources specifically allocated for your access, and your use, only. These resources, dedicated for your private use, comprise your Private Cloud

Desktop Virtualization

Virtualizing your "desktop" essentially means moving all the software installed on your personal computer to the data center. Instead of having your apps installed on your PC, they reside on the data center hardware. You then connect via internet and use the software apps, just like usual. The difference is the software isn't installed on your PC, that's it! There are many advantages to virtualization, whether it be your hardware, software, or both.

Advantages of Virtualization

    • Scaleability -- add or remove computing resources quickly to meet your work force needs.
    • Flexibility -- add or remove data storage space, processing power, memory...use only what's needed.
    • Cost Effective -- Pay for the resources you need, only for as long as you need them.
    • Management -- Manage one central location of resources instead of a multitude of PC's and Servers.
    • Data Security -- Eliminate lost or stolen computers containing your sensitive data and applications.
    • Disaster Recovery -- Crashed PC's no longer a problem. Simply move to another internet connected device.
    • Inventory Management -- Drastically reduce efforts required to track and maintain your IT resources.
    • Reduced Hardware Costs -- Even older PC's can be used effectively; computing and software resources are remote.

RidgeGarrett can help your company develop a well planned Web Strategy that includes virtualization of resources. We'll partner with you and provide Services you'll want to ensure your business is continually doing things better, faster and more cost effective.

Want to find out more about how RidgeGarrett can help your company save time and money with Virtualization? Call me.  

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