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Enhancing Customer Supply Chain Operations  

Customer Summary:

Axiom Worldwide Logistix, Inc. is a full service International and Domestic Freight Forwarder, licensed Customs House Broker and Third-party Logistics Provider based at DFW Airport in Irving, TX. With an impressive Customer list spanning the globe, Axiom is focused on creating world class Supply Chain solutions to revolutionize the logistics industry status quo.

Complimenting the current Logistics Solutions offered by the company, Axiom now offers their Customers Data Intelligence Services to leverage the vast amounts of logistics data produced daily as a result of normal Supply Chain operations. New intelligence and insights gleaned from raw logistical data provides Customers the ability to improve processes and operate their Supply Chain better, faster and more cost effectively.


Axiom CaseStudyLandingPageMainImage Customer Business Needs Met:

  • Axiom needed customized production reporting and ad-hoc report creation not capable of being produced within their existing Logistics and Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Secure, web-enabled access to reports was required, along with ability to use the system for internal reporting needs as well as provide customized reporting for customers, too. 
  • Business users needed ability to quickly visualize and interrogate Supply Chain data to identify both positive and negative factors influencing operational performance.
  • Needed ability to measure vendor performance at every stage in the Supply Chain relative to contractual goals set forth in Service Level Agreements.
  • Ability to measure Warehouse performance at every stage in the Supply Chain.
  • Ability to monitor Customs Compliance at all global ports; proactive planning for reduction of Customs Holds that delay shipment deliveries.
  • Needed to easily identify the total dollar value of all international shipments "In Transit" at any point in time, and know:
    • which Vendor has current responsibility of the cargo;
    • where the cargo is located and the latest delivery milestone met;
    • the dollar value of in-transit shipments at category levels, and product levels.
  • Needed capability to monitor Vendor allocations of "container space" on cargo ships; this, on a weekly basis to ensure Vendor compliance with contractual obligations. 
  • System access via any connected device was required; PC, Tablet, Mobile.


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 Benefits of using this Solution:

  • Expanding Axiom's portfolio of global Logistics Solutions with Data Intelligence Services creates new, incremental value for their Customers. It also establishes a significant differentiator for Axiom when being evaluated against competitive logistics providers.
  • The ability to visualize and quickly interrogate logistics data to identify cause-and-effect relationships yields insight for operational process improvements.
  • Customized production reports, ad-hoc reports, Dashboard snapshots and data analyses results can be quickly and easily shared with other stakeholders, or published to the web.
  • Understanding Vendor performance at every stage across the Supply Chain provides intelligence for better contract negotiations and service level terms to be attained.
  • Time required for problem identification and resolution is greatly reduced. Results are operational cost savings and improvements in service for the Customer.


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