Great question!  Control of your technology strategy is key.

Here are just a couple good reasons why you should partner with RidgeGarrett:

  • Remember, it's not about the software! It's the business value of a software app that justifies your adding it as part of your overall business process. The OEM vendor will of course, make sure their baseline application is working as they have released it. However, they have no concern for any customizations or integrations you have made in order for it to enable your unique business process. Same goes for the add-on modules that are part of your production application. As a partner of your company, we continually help you to stay on a path to success.  
  • Consider the longer term needs of any growing company. It's likely that sooner than later you'll need to add capabilities to your plan as your business increases. It's easy to see procuring all applications from the OEM vendors presents a variety of down-side issues. Let's say for example, your company acquires only 3 new apps over the next 3 years. Here's a few things you'll have to work with, if dealing direct with multiple OEM vendors:
    • 6 points of contact for each service, hosting support, implementation, integration, training, billing and invoicing. These alone may yield 18+ new touchpoints for your company to maintain. With RidgeGarrett as your partner, we handle all those details as part of our Services Agreement. It's seamless to you so you can focus on doing business, not technology.
    • The OEM vendors are responsible only for their own app, as we mentioned earlier. Each vendor has a myopic view of your business with respect to their own goals.  RidgeGarrett takes a 10,000 ft view of your entire business and technology plans, and then approaches each application deployment, implementation and integration with the end goals in perspective.
    • OEM vendors require you to keep up with their versioning and software release updates, regardless of whether the update contains functionalities you need or want. Many additional expenses occur when you are required to beta test every vendor's upcoming releases before they update your app -- multiply this by the 3 applications you're procuring over the next 3 years, and what you'll have is an ongoing nightmare. RidgeGarrett manages your applications, and continually stays abreast of the upcoming versions and releases by the OEM vendors. We'll control the upgrade schedules for your apps instead of being at the mercy of the vendors. This is a very important point to consider, as not every single version and release may necessarily be of interest to your company.


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