A software vendor that is space-centric offers products and services primarily focused around a particular software space. When calling on a prospective customer, the vendor has a predetermined bias toward making a sale of their space-centric software product. This same logic applies to software vendors whose products are limited to any individual software space, such as Human Resources Management (HRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Website Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce, Document Management, Disaster Recovery, Mobile Apps or any other specific software space.

The breadth of capabilities available in our App Suite allows RidgeGarrett to keep a true customer-centric focus. We're able to keep your best interests at the forefront of everything we do since we are not centered on any one particular software space. We center on Web Strategy and business process improvements we'll help you achieve as your partner.

We bring insights and knowledge of how others do it, too, so you'll benefit from knowing about industry best practices which you previously may not have been aware.


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